Geneseo’s first brewery and public house is about to be born in a space filled with history. Maybe we don’t want to remind people of this, yet the fact that this building was once a poor house doesn’t escape us. History gives us all kinds of lessons. And here, it gives us a very unique opportunity. To revive. To restore. To reinvent. What was once down and out will now be lifted up. What was empty will now be full. Of life. Of people. Of good times and good food. And great beer. 

With this place, we will create Geneseo’s favorite “third space,” that special place that isn’t home or work. It’s more like your living room at large. A place to hang out and let it all hang out. To be alone and together, to laugh and cry, rant and rave, inspire and commiserate, shoot the shit, a place to remember, to never forget, to get out of the house and feel completely at home. Once found, it can never be lost. A place where you don’t so much reside as it lives in you. Because Strange Design will take up space inside your heart, which is, after all, the richest house in town. 


Strange Design is a song that was written and performed by Phish. It’s never been released; it’s only been played in live performances. To us, this song is strange and magical and special. It’s about surrendering to the flow that drew us together as a couple. We hope to create that same flow here. 

In this historic space that was once the Livingston County Poor House. As Geneseo’s very first brewery and public house, we hope to create something rich. The feeling that all are welcome here. Everyone who enters becomes a part of this place, leaving their own strange and  indelible mark. 

Welcome, Strangers. 

Kristi Lee and Tommy Streamer 




We are currently looking to fully staff our brewery. If you would like to apply for a position, please submit a resume to Kristi via email here

Check back soon for a full website with online menu and curb side pick up!